CHYI YANG sold more than 500 blown film equipment in Latin America

Chyi Yang has been working hard to cultivate the market in Central and South America. He exhibited a "two-color two-die co-extrusion film blowing machine" at the 2016 Columbia Rubber & Plastics Exhibition. The main features and advantages of this machine are as follows:

1. Energy saving and high output value:

Double head, double main machine, double rewinding, can produce two-color market bag film for two production lines at the same time, with super high-speed forced discharge 45mm main machine to provide larger production capacity, in the case of production film width 550mm, film thickness 20micron , the maximum output of a single production line is 70 kgs/hr, and the maximum output of two production lines can be up to 140 kgs/hr at the same time. The screw is like the heart of the film blowing machine. Design and material are also related to product quality. , whether it is adding calcium carbonate, recycled materials and other composite raw materials, even in the process of rapid production, it can be uniformly and completely mixed. The main engine is driven by two 20HP motors, which are matched with frequency converters and electronic control devices from internationally renowned manufacturers, so as to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, and contribute to environmental protection. The total power consumption of this machine is 190A, and the power configuration system It is also strictly protected by layers of checkpoints to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment during operation.

2. Precision film blowing process design:

Due to the different needs of two-color market bags in different countries, in order to meet the precise line width and proportion required by customers, the mold is designed through a special flow channel and can be closely and perfectly matched with the extrusion volume of the host, which has become the key to the hot-selling market of this film blowing machine. , Finely control the extruded flow rate, so that the film lines are clear, the strips are distinct, and the width is consistent, and the color is not mixed.

3. stand-alone multi-function and cost-effective:

The design of double-die head and double-winding not only effectively increases the production value, but also provides another solution to the labor cost that is gradually rising every year. The design of the machine takes into account the area of ​​the factory and human resources, so as to be more compact and simple. The compact appearance greatly reduces the machine space that should be two equipments, and the effective concentration equipment occupies the space of the customer's factory. In addition, with the double-layer co-extrusion die, it can also produce double-layer film. One machine has multiple functions, which makes the product line more diversified and meets the ever-changing market demand. Therefore, it not only saves labor and land costs, but also substantially improves production capacity and product diversity, which greatly improves the competitiveness of enterprises.


Chyi Yang has been standing firm for 55 years, and the equipment exported to the world includes film blowing machine, multi-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine, offset printing machine, bag making machine, recycling granulator, and sales exceeded 500 units in Latin America. The success of the bag blowing machine equipment!